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I have a table which contains a column with different items which i would like to count by there type. For example the table looks like the following:

Id |  Type
1  | Table
2  | Table
3  | TV
4  | TV
5  | Table
6  | TV
7  | TV

The result should looks like:

Type  | NumOfItems
Table | 3
TV    | 4

I use the following code which doesn't work for my Access 2003:

SELECT Table1.Type, Count(Table1.Type) AS NumOfItems
FROM Table1
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You need to add GROUP BY Table1.Type to the end of the query.

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Thanks! this has helped! Maybe you also know how to add the TOTAL line in the output table? Would be very thankful. – Anna Jun 25 '12 at 3:52

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