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I've two machines.

  • m1: Solaris Sparc SunOS 5.10
  • m2: ArchLinux 3.4.4
  • m3: Solaris Sparc SunOS 5.10

When I try to login m2 from m1, I can not press [Enter] key, it just display ^M.

m1$ export TERM=vt100
m1$ ssh m2
pkcs11 engine does not exist
The authenticity of host 'm2 (' can't be established.
RSA key fingerprint is cf:f2:b7:24:d6:d2:b6:fe:b1:e8:72:6d:2b:cd:55:fe.
Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? yes^M

my stty is strange

m1$ stty -a
... eol = <undef>

m3$ stty -a
... eol = -^?

I force the eol become ^M, it can ssh m2 from m1, but will generate a message:

pkcs11 engine does not exist

If I ssh m2 from m3, it won't show the message.

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^M is ASCII control code for "Carriage Return" whereas ssh is expecting a "Line Feed" or ^J If you press Ctrl+J you may be able to log in.

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