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I use Stardict in Ubuntu 12.04 and everything was fine.

But recently the main window (with settings, vocabularies etc) stops displaying for me. I have tried everything, but this window is not showing anywhere, thus I cannot change settings of the program (I want to remap key bindings).

I think it's an option "Hide main window on startup" or something like that, I have turned it ON.

Could you help me please to display the main window or at least point to configuration file of stardict to reset this option?

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Open gnome-terminal, enter stardict - Lookup words and press Enter.

The main graphical window will open now. Untick the main window's hide option.

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edit configuration, set hide_on_startup to true (restart stardict!)

$ gedit ~/.gconf/apps/stardict/preferences/main_window/%gconf.xml

<entry name="hide_on_startup" mtime="1415306042" type="bool" value="true"/>

Or start main window on gnome-terminal:

$ stardict &

If no window opens, stardict do not running befor. Now try again:

$ stardict

Now you can configure...

If you close this main window, stardict will be exit complete! using to hide window:

$ stardict -h

hint: activate scan

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