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There is a standard linux library which allows to set up checks for passwords users choose. But how can I just run from command line just to see whether a password will be accepted or rejected?

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You can use cracklib-check program for that. It simply takes passwords from stdin and outputs error/success messages to stdout.

Few examples:

$ cracklib-check
Hello: it is too short.

$ cracklib-check
He4 X/%/32?+llo
He4 X/%/32?+llo: OK.

$ echo "He4 X/%/32?+llo" | cracklib-check
He4 X/%/32?+llo: OK.
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It accepts passwords such as nicegrape, tapitout, peachgrape, peachcobbler. Shouldn't dictionary check look for concatenated words? – Babu Srinivasan Jul 3 '13 at 11:49
@BabuSrinivasan See… for cracklib configuration or maybe google for it. It depends on how you are using it / what extensions are installed for cracklib to use. – Sampo Sarrala Dec 17 '13 at 23:23

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