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As you can in this above image there are two windows of vlc player, I just want to get rid of the other vlc direct3d output window.

VLC version is latest i.e. 2.0.1.

If I change the video output to some other also; this thing doesn't change. Only the title changes i.e. now it is direct3d output then it will change to openGL or as per the selected output video option.

This happens when I play *.mov files.

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Weirdly, I'm getting the problem only for Lynda tutorials, like you! –  Abhishek Sha Feb 8 '13 at 14:11

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I too faced this problem. I got rid of the issue by changing the following

Tools > Preferences > Input and Codecs > (Check) Use GPU accelerated decoding Restart VLC


This is happening with Lynda.com videos. because they are putting an additional layer with the logo. in video menu there are two tracks. A temporary solution is right click the video while playing > video> video track > disable. Again same step and choose track 1. This is valid for the file being played. If you open another file you will get the popup. You will have to do the same process every time you play such files

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I tried your suggestion but the problem still persists......Don't know when vlc will sort this problem? –  FrozenKing Mar 20 '13 at 14:50
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I got this answer on my own. Actually this is a bug in VLC media player and they haven't solved this problem till yet. This problem is caused only when playing specific file types, in my case it was .mov file.

The answer to this problem was to use different player rather then to depend on vlc. Now,whenever I want to open this type of file I use GOM player. The .mov file is played very smoothly in GOM player without opening any more extra windows.

Sad, I even tried the latest version of vlc i.e. 2.0.2 still the problem is alive.

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NO solution at all. Just use Classic Media Player. Beautiful result you'll obtain. It's perfect for .mov extension files.

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You can select you desired output module in VLC preferences. In VLC go to: Tools >> Preferences

And select "All" for "Show settings". Go to "Video >> Output modules" and select e.g. "DirectX video output" from the drop down list. Press "Save" and restart VLC.

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You can try to reset your preferences and cache files.

start menu -> VideoLAN -> reset preferences and cache files.

this solved my problem.

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This is quite an old thread, but I've just tried version 2.1.2 and had the same problem.

The solution for me was to first reset the configuration and cache, followed by removing %APPDATA%\Roaming\VLC.

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Changing the video output to direct2d will solve it.

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Please make answers more than one line, and use capitalization and periods. For example, explain how to do this. –  Kevin Panko Sep 14 at 15:57

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