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I am using the command line :

option batch on
option confirm off
open ftp:// username :password hostname:port
cd directory name ---- directory on FTP
option transfer binary
put  file name on FTP C:\Users\sshah\Desktop

When I execute task it completes without error but I do not see the file on the desktop

Any ideas what I am doing wrong>?

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There are a couple of issues I see. Are you trying to upload (use put) or download (use get) from the the FTP server?

Your statement is incorrect for a download. Also, you left off the \ and the end of your file path - this will get you everytime.

Make sure you specify the file path on the FTP server as well, and don't for get the /.

You should use option bath abort. Your change directory must be with the /, so for example:

cd /IN/


put C:\Users\sshah\Desktop\*.txt  /IN/


get /IN/*.txt on FTP C:\Users\sshah\Desktop\
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