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I've recently removed the bottom toolbar, in Ubuntu, and replaced it with gnome-do, using the "Docky" theme.

Things looks nice, but I have a couple of questions :

  1. The dock doesn't differentiate between a shortcut and the application itself when launched. What if I want to launch more than one time that app ? (ie. the console).

  2. The dock shows all apps launched, not just the apps launched on that particular desktop. Can I change this behavior ? I haven't found it in the preferences.

screenshot of gnome-do as a dock

(image from the blog "OMG Ubuntu", )

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  1. Use your middle mouse button, or right click it and press "Run".
  2. No.
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In the Gnome-Do 0.8.2 preferences, on the Appearance tab, there's an option "Indicate Multiple Windows" that puts an extra mark under the dock icon when there are multiple instances running. Perhaps this would help you differentiate?

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