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I am using a Dell Latitude E6520, with a pointstick. I've tried disabling the pointstick, and disabling tap-to-click on the pointstick within the Dell touchpad control panel (screenshot below), but every time my machine reboots, the pointstick and tap-to-click are re-enabled. How can I permanently disable the pointstick, or at the very least the tap-to-click? screenshot

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Go into msconfig, hit the startup tab, and check for a disabled option called "Alps Pointing-device Driver". Reenable that, and your pointing device settings should become sticky.

Worked for me, anyway!

I think this is specific to the custom image that gets rolled out where we work. I'd guess a vanilla Dell laptop doesn't have this disabled.

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Perfect, thanks! –  xdumaine Jun 26 '12 at 14:22

For me, the path to the apoint.exe was set to an "X:\" mapped drive. I confirmed the path listed actually existed on my C drive, and then by searching for apoint.exe in regedit and changing the path to c:\ resolved the issue for me.

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Same registry issue with X:\ mapping. Editing the key seems to work for Dell Latitude.

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