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So, bit of an oddball question. There's a particular file—an alias—that for some reason will not hide from the UI with chflags hidden. Doesn't matter what I do. sudo is ineffective against this particular file.

It's not a problem, I'm just more curious WHY and how it is that this particular stubborn little guy can't be hidden. The file is an alias for the Adobe Acrobat X Uninstaller. I was able to hide all the other garbage that Adobe puts in /Applications with sudo chflags hidden, but this guy was resistant.

Curious if anyone has encountered this and, if so, understands why certain files can not be hidden from the UI with chflags.

Get Info attached:

enter image description here

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If it's a symbolic link, you have to use chflags -h.

 -h      If the file is a symbolic link, change the file flags of the link itself
         rather than the file to which it points.
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Great! Thanks. Perfect answer. – ralphthemagician Jul 3 '12 at 20:03

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