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I found VIM. but this work on only text editing mode. I want to not use mouse. But i need better than windows accessibility tools

Has any software?

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what functionality do you need that accessibility tools doesn't offer? You can move the mouse cursor and click... I don't see whats missing. – John T Sep 20 '09 at 16:49
Yes. I need move cursor to anywhere and click using keyboard easily. – ebattulga Sep 20 '09 at 16:53
Why can't you use the cursor keys option in the Accessibility Centre? – Tog Apr 29 '14 at 7:34

I occasionally use MouseKeys, but I usually just use keyboard shortcuts.

  • Alt-Tab to switch to the next application
  • Ctrl-Tab to switch to the next tab (or to switch windows in a MDI)
  • Tab to switch to the next field
  • Alt for the menu
  • Ctrl-C, -V for cut and past (or Ctrl-Insert, Shift-Insert instead)

Here's one list. I also use Shift, Alt and Ctrl in combination with the arrow keys and Home and End a lot. Also take a look at the "keyboard-shortcuts" tag on this site.

For launching apps I use Launchy.

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You can use MouseKeys that comes with Windows.

For XP:

Control Panel -> Accessibility Options -> Mouse Tab -> "Use MouseKeys".

More info here.

For Vista (similar in Win7):

Control Panel -> Ease of Access -> Ease of Access Center -> Under "Explore all settings" find "Make the mouse easier to use" -> Under "Control Mouse with the keyboard" select "Turn on MouseKeys".

More info here.

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There's launchy, for launching programs from the keyboard.

There's vimperator, a Firefox addon that mimicks vim.

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