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I have a couple thousand URLs to the same page (just different parameters). I need some way to automate loading one URL at a time into a browser or view. After looking at a page to make sure it is okay, I would then press "Good" or "Bad". After that the next page in the list would replace the old one. When done I would have a list of bad urls.

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Write a HTML page with to text areas, two buttons and a a 100% width inline frame.

  • Past the list of URLs into the first text area.

  • Label the buttons good and bad.

    • If good gets clicked, eliminate the current URL from the first text area and load the next URL in the inline frame.

    • If bad gets clicked, do the same, but also add the current URL to the second text area.

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Grabbed some localStorage, jQuery, and repetitive labor and got it working. Thanks. – Josh Patton Jun 27 '12 at 20:11

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