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I want to test the Windows 8 Release Preview, but I am not sure how my boot configuration will turn out.

Currently, I dual boot Windows XP with Windows 7, using the Windows 7 boot manager. If I add a new partition and install Windows 8, will my boot configuration stay intact with Windows 8 added as a new option or will I have to update it manually so I get a triple boot menu?

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Windows 8 installation will update your boot configuration data(BCD) to boot all installed Windows versions. To view and edit complete contents of BCD you can use Visual BCD Editor. The tool has also the unique capability to add automatically (on click) installed Windows versions if not present in BCD store.

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You might find yourself in trouble trying to use the Windows default bootloader. As an alternative, I would recommend using EasyBCD. It's free to install and should allow you to easily configure multiple operating systems.

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