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I've got mysysgit setup with Tortoise with PuTTY and ssh. From the Tortoise side everything is working I can clone, pull, push, etc. If I drop to a command prompt and run git I see the help screen so its in the path. When I go to a checked out git repository and issue a git pull it prompts me for a password for My understanding is that ssh failed at that point.

I know PuTTY is not the ssh program used on the command prompt. but I setup my keys. in 'c:\Users\username.ssh\' I have both a username_rsa and a They are what I used to create the ppk for putty.

So I see there is some ssh-agent.exe and ssh-add.exe thing. I'm not using bash though. Bash is not installed and I have no desire to install it. How can I get Git working from the command prompt?

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If you want to use PuTTY, set the GIT_SSH environment variable to the path of plink.exe in the PuTTY directory.

set GIT_SSH="C:\Program Files\PuTTY\plink.exe"

setx can be used to make the variable permanent.

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