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Here's what I'd like to do. Instead of a one-time donation to one of my favorite free tools ( I'd like to do what they suggest here and use their Amazon Affiliates link to do all my Amazon shopping. I shop at amazon once or twice a week, so this is a great way to let them earn lots of long-term cash without me dropping a dime.

My thought was to go into my dd-wrt enabled router and tell it, "any time I go to on any computer in the house, please go to instead. (That URL simply redirects me to but every purchase I make during that session is credited to JuneCloud.)

Once logged into dd-wrt, I went to Services > Services > DNSMasq but I'm not really sure how to get it to work from there, or if it's even possible. I know I can redirect IP addresses, but I'm looking to redirect someone on my network from to the special amazon affiliate code link.

Hope that's clear. Thanks for any replies!

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A couple hack-arounds...

If everyone in your home uses Chrome, you can install Redirector or search for similar extensions.

A more transparent solution would be to run a web server such as Apache or Nginx on your local machine, then use the IP of your server in the DNSMasq section of DD-WRT. On the index.html page of your server you could redirect the user to with HTML or PHP.



   header( '' ) ;



<meta HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH" content="0; url=">
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I can think of a few possibilities, but nothing that would likely fit inside a home router running DD-WRT.

Your best solution is probably just to visit each computer in the house and create a bookmark.

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