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While trying to install a new plugin in Eclipse, it seems to take a lot of time with the default mirror site being chosen by Eclipse. Is there any way, where I can set which mirror location to use while updating Eclipse or installing a new plugin ?

(while installing a new plugin, eclipse seems to check for dependency libraries and I think it downloads from default chosen location)

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That issue is reported on the Eclipse Bugs page:

Bug 256909 - P2 mirrorApplication should have an option to set the local mirror name

The patch can be found here:

[patch] Allso users to set destination repository name

Additionally, there's this stackoverflow answer to the same issue!

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I still didn't found a way to select the update site. Can you mention the steps required. I am using latest version of Eclipse JUNOS. – Chetan Sachdev Jul 13 '12 at 23:18

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