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Let's say I have files in side a folder named


Let's say group1 is

  • abc001.jpg
  • abc002.jpg
  • abc005.jpg
  • abc010.jpg

and group2 is

  • abc003.jpg
  • abc004.jpg
  • abc009.jpg
  • abc111.jpg

I want to add a prefix like gr1 and gr2 according to the group they belong to, like:

  • gr1abc001.jpg
  • gr1abc002.jpg
  • gr1abc005.jpg
  • gr1abc010.jpg
  • gr2abc003.jpg
  • gr2abc004.jpg
  • gr2abc009.jpg

I need to do it using a shell script.

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How do you define the group? Is it the group as defined in the permissions of the file? – Darth Android Jun 28 '12 at 14:11

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