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I've recently been trying to download a large number of files from a website with wget, and my problem is that once I have downloaded one file, I receive the following error message.

--2012-06-28 14:08:28--  http://./
Resolving .... failed: nodename nor servname provided, or not known.
wget: unable to resolve host address `.'
FINISHED --2012-06-28 14:08:28--
Total wall clock time: 1m 50s
Downloaded: 189 files, 76M in 1m 28s (886 KB/s)

The command that I used was:

wget --user=*MyUserName* --password=*MyPassword* -m --accept=zip --reject=*med*,*sml*,*sd* http://website/dir/files /volumes/Drive/Folder

Can anyone offer me a way to fix this? I've tried multiple Q&As, but no one has been experiencing the same problem.

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Your command doesn't do what you think it does. In particular, the syntax for invoking wget is

wget [OPTION]... [URL]...

This means that all the non-option arguments are supposed to be URLs, which means that wget interprets /volumes/Drive/Folder as a URL to fetch (which isn't what you meant, of course). I don't know of a wget option to set a destination directory offhand, and a cursory search of the wget manual didn't turn up anything obvious, so I'd suggest just changing to your desired destination directory before running wget.

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