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I am running AMD FX system with Radeon 5800 HD video card, on Win7 x64 system.

I have had problems with Catalyst Control Center for awhile, when it runs and shows a blank white window with nothing in it (like this). ccc.exe process actually runs fine in a dock: , but as soon as I click anyting, even "About", it hangs.

I am running eyefinity group, so I didn't want to break that, because there was no way to create it without running CCC. Anyway, I eventually did have a need to run it and get it fixed.

It took me to remove original AMD software, reboot in safe mode, cleanup the files and registry, and then re-install it, and it worked.

First off, sorry for unprofessionally expressing myself, but: ATI folks, you suck. This is a known problem, and you won't lift a finger to fix it.

But what happened day later is: CCC (now "AMD Vision Engine Control Center") will not start AGAIN, and reboot doesn't help.

Is anybody here aware how to debug the issue? I can not constantly reinstall AMD software, it is completely messed up. I want some better way to fix it, that doesn't involve spending an hour.

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This is what I did to fix it:

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