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I'm trying to mount distant NFS. This is what I have in /etc/fstab :

server.com:/mnt/hdd  /mnt/hdd  nfs rw,tcp  0 0

But this param gets added to the mount.nfs args:


Since the client is behind NAT, I need this param to be omitted. Man nfs says that in that case, NFS 4 would fallback to non-loopback mode. I've tried

server.com:/mnt/hdd  /mnt/hdd  nfs rw,tcp,clientaddr=  0 0

But that complains about invalid param value.

How can I make it go away?


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As a fallback, I've ended up with

nfs ro,tcp,nolock,nocto,vers=3

But I'd like to have NFS 4 with locks.


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