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I can't wget while there is no path already to save. I mean, wget doens't work for the non-existing paths. For e.g:

wget -O /path/to/image/new_image.jpg

If /path/to/image/ is not previously existed, it always returns:

No such file or directory

How can i make it work?

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Oh, you need the non-existential version... it can download things to places that don't exist! Of course, you'll need a non-existential version of ls to see them though. – lornix Jun 29 '12 at 10:47

You can create the dir manually before run with

mkdir -p /path/to/image/

Or even write function that will do it itself and put it in ~/.bashrc or whatever shell you use:

wget_mkdir() {
    mkdir -p $2
    wget $@

don't forget to add it to current session with . ~/.bashrc

Or even just run in the shell

function wget_mkdir() { mkdir -p ${2%/*} ; wget $@ ; }

and start use it immediately as:

wget_mkdir -O /path/to/image/new_image.jpg
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Is this your looking for "--directory-prefix=prefix" ... if so try as

wget --directory-prefix=/path/to/image/

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