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I have a virtual machine for CI/build (Subversion, Jenkins) environment running Windows Server 2008 inside a VMWare server 2.0. We are migrating to AWS EC2 so using ec2-import-instance command line tool.

Following steps were followed and import took 8 hours for 60GB to upload to S3 bucket.

  1. Remove snapshot of the VM

  2. Convert the vmdk file to Streaming (type 5) format under a new name.

  3. import ec2-import-instance "D:/Virtual Machines/VM Source Control/VMServer4.vmdk" -f VMDK -t t1.micro -a x86_64 -b -o accesskey -w securitykey -g quicklaunch-1 --region eu-west-1 -z eu-west-1c

  4. ec2-describe-conversion-tasks command with TaskID shows 'Completed' status.

  5. A new EC2 instance is created and I started the instance from AWS Console.

When I try to remote desktop the new instance with the public DNS, the RDP can't find the instance (the quicklaunch-1 security group is already configured for other instances, and it works for my IP).

I had test imported another VM with windows, and I was able to access that ec2-instance (It had no snapshot created).

Could you please tell me what I am missing here. Thanks in advance.

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You should remember to do these things prior to converting your image:

  1. To enable RDP via My Computer (right-click)->Settings->Advanced->Remote
  2. To configure Windows internal firewall to access RDP

I was involved in creation of the tool to automate the process:

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