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I can't enable shared folders in VMWare 8. Any selections is gray!! VMWare/vm options/shared folders

I've tried run as Administrator but it is always GRAY.

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The VM must be powered off, not suspended, to change that setting. Boot the VM, then do a proper shutdown inside the VM, you should then be able to change that setting.

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This is not true in current versions of VMware Workstation (at least 8, 9, not sure about older ones). – pabouk Jul 27 '13 at 19:28
Yes you are right – SPnova Nov 20 '13 at 9:22

I know this probably goes without saying, but have you done VM > Install VMware Tools from the VMware Workstation menu? VMware Workstation temporarily connects the virtual machine's first virtual CD-ROM drive to the ISO image file that contains the VMware Tools installer for your guest operating system and you are ready to begin the installation process.

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This is because your VM is configured as a "Shared VM." You need to move it out of the "Shared VM's" folder in VMWare Workstation.

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