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Is there a task switcher – a replacement for Alt + Tab on Windows XP or 7 – that enables switching to a window by typing part of its name?

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In windows 7 you can pin application (you need to pin them to keep the numbers consistent) to the task bar and launch them with win+(1-9) which also works for switching.

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On Windows version that support Aero, Switcher does what you're looking for.

In order to enable searching by name, change the following settings:


  • Enable Begin searching by typing.1


  • Click Change.2

  • Select the desired keyboard shortcut.3

  • Set Activate when shortcut is to Released.3

  • Disable End session when shortcut is released.3

Now you can switch to Google Chrome, for example, with the following shortcut sequence:

Alt + Tab, C, H, Enter

The end results depend on further settings. With Dock view, you get something like this:




change shortcuts

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