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Is there a way to setup PSExec within a batch file to silently run CCleaner on remote PC's via a batch file scheduled in Task Scheduler? I understand CCleaner has an /AUTO switch on the command line, but I'm not particularly familiar with PSTools so anyone who may have even done this before (as it seems a pretty nifty idea) could offer some advice!


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What have you tried already? Where are you getting stuck trying to use PSExec with CCleaner? – Ƭᴇcʜιᴇ007 Jun 30 '12 at 19:10
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I would recommend using PowerShell remoting instead of psexec.exe, as this will give you much greater control over the remote session(s). For more information about PowerShell remoting, launch PowerShell and type: help about_remote. Alternatively, visit this URL:

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