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Up until recently (about 3 months ago), ALL open flash videos had deleted file handles in the procfs virtual folder for the flash plugin, I could see them thus:

ps x|grep flash
cd /proc/#PROCESS#/fd
ls -l

cp #FILE# ~/

This still works for the vast majority of flash video, but some YouTube videos no longer keep this open file handle.

My questions are:

A) Why not? B) Where are these files now stored? C) How can I get this file

Yes I know I could probably get a browser plugin, it just annoys me that they are hiding these files so I want to keep doing it the hard way.

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Well, that's a new method...

But... if you're trying to download the videos from youtube, why not try the 'youtube-dl' program? Looks like there's even a few other similarly named downloaders for nicovideo and metacafe.

I use youtube-dl myself quite often and it downloads the highest quality videos possible for each requested video... all through a few command like options.

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I like to know where flash is storing the files :) – jsj Jul 2 '12 at 4:57

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