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Is there any way to have a state variable in VIM? Consider:

" Relative line numbers in Normal mode, absolute in Insert mode. Ctrl-N to toggle 
set relativenumber
autocmd InsertEnter * :set number
autocmd InsertLeave * :set relativenumber
inoremap <C-n> <C-o>:call NumberToggle()<cr>
nnoremap <C-n> :call NumberToggle()<cr>
function! NumberToggle()
  if(useRelNums != 1)
    let useRelNums=1
    set number
    let useRelNums=0
    set relativenumber

Of course, useRelNums is undefined. I would like to keep this variable defined between calls to the NumberToogle() function, i.e. a state variable. How is this done? I'm sure that I could repurpose some other VIM variable as a workaround (such as the state of paste for a bad example) but I would prefer a real solution.


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you may introduce global variables with let g:use_rel_numbers or let g:use_rel_numbers=1. local variables would be better i think - let b:use_rel_numbers for example and setlocal relativenumber.

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You can use the settings themselves as your desired state variables... they're boolean, and exclusive. turning on 'number', turns off 'relativenumber', and vice-versa.

So you could do:

function! ToggleNumbers()
    if &number
        set relativenumber       " was number, now relanum
    elseif &relativenumber
        set norelativenumber     " was relanum, now nothing
        set number               " was nothing, now number

A nice three-state toggle. (triggle?) (troggle?) {shrug} your call...

AND... this interfaces seamlessly with your desired autocmds since they affect the number/relativenumber booleans too... taa daa!

I like triggle...

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@epsilon makes a good point, probably should be setlocal ... really. Uh... I was copying the variable scope style of the author...yeah... that's what I was doing... yeah... But the vim help states that number/relativenumber are local to the window anyways. doesn't hurt though, certainly helps convey the intent that they are PER windows/buffer/thingamabob. – lornix Jul 1 '12 at 14:15
Thanks, lornix. Using the current state of relativenumber won't help as the state is reset when entering / leaving Insert mode. That is why I am trying to do something more elaborate. – dotancohen Jul 1 '12 at 18:03

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