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When backing up a user and shared users folder using the backup software of your choice on the operating system of your choice what files, file types, and folders do you exclude from the backup?

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In Java Regular Expression format (some data from CrashPlan Excludes and other unlisted excludes from CrashPlan's my.service.xml file):


Default from CrashPlan: 
.*/iPhoto Library/iPod Photo Cache/.*
.*/Google/Chrome/Safe Browsing.* 

Extra not in CrashPlan by default:
(?i).*\.(tmp|temp|cache|part|rbf|chk|dov) <-- temporary files
(?i).*\.(bac|bak|bkp|bup|back|dmp|dump|err|log|old|prv) <-- backup files
(?i).*\.(asd|wbk|xlk|bde|bdi|bdm|bmb|bom|crc|m\_p|bdb|bks|bps|mch|sol|idb|nch) <-- program specific backup/temporary files
(?i).*\.(bmk|chw|ftg|fts|gid|hhc|hhk) <-- help index files
.*/Google/Chrome/.* <-- if using Chrome Sync
(?i).*/(Google Drive|LocalGoogle)/.*
.*/(My Cubby|cubby)/.*


Default from CrashPlan:
.*/Local Settings/History/
.*/Start Menu/
.*/System Volume Information/.*
.*/Temporary Internet Files/.*
.*/Local Settings/Temp.*
.*/Application Data/Application Data.*
(?i).*/Google/Chrome/User Data/Default/Cookies(-journal)?
(?i).*/(Application Data|AppData)/Apple Computer/Mobile Sync/.*

Extra not in CrashPlan by default:
.*/Local Settings/History/.*
.*/(Program Files|Program Files \(x86\))/.*
.*/AppData/Local/Packages/.* <- this really still needs to be figured out as per
.*/AppData/Local/Microsoft/Windows Store/.*
.*/Internet Explorer/.*


Default from CrashPlan:
.*/Network Trash Folder/.*
.*/VM Storage
/Previous Systems.*
.*/Microsoft User Data/Entourage Temp/.*
.*/iP.* Software Updates/.*
.*/Library/Application Support/SyncServices/.*
.*/Library/Mail/Envelope Index
.*/Library/Calendars/Calendar Cache
.*/iTunes/Album Artwork/Cache/.*
.*/iPhoto Library/iPod Photo Cache.*
/Desktop DB
/Desktop DF
/Users/Shared/SC Info.*
.*/Library/Saved Application State/.*
.*/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default/Cookies(-journal)?


Default from CrashPlan:

Extra not in CrashPlan by default:


Default from CrashPlan:
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If any of my regular expressions can be simplified please fix them! – bbodenmiller Jul 3 '12 at 6:47
added some details from – bbodenmiller Jul 3 '12 at 6:47
this is certainly very useful, but I wonder if someone could comment on each line (or groups of similar lines) to explain what we're actually excluding here and why. - To give an example: I can see why it might make sense to exclude ProgramData completely. But I think it might also be a bit risky since it may well contain some (non-user-specific) application data, right? So some annotations might help people to customize the list for their purposes. – Christoph Jan 17 at 5:01

Linux: Everything ending with a ~ (backups from several editors). And to "optimize" your regexps, just a short example:

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Won't this result in searching for ".~" rather than "blahfile~"? – bbodenmiller Jul 3 '12 at 0:50
Ooops -- sure, you're right, that part I messed up. Intention was to shouw how to combine the regexps. But you're absolutely right: the \~ part is wrong there and must go in a separate line. – Izzy Jul 3 '12 at 6:39

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