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I've got a driver setup for 32 bit: An INF file and an x86 folder with two 32 bit dlls. I need to replace these 32 bit dll files with 64 bit ones. I just simply overwrite 32 bit files but no lock.

How can I make 64 bit version of the driver?


I tried original setup files on 32 bit Windows XP, setup asks for WdfCoinstaller01009.dll, I just simply browse & point the file from somewhere on XP.

;-------------- WDF Coinstaller installation

CoInstaller_CopyFiles = 11




HKR,,CoInstallers32,0x00010000, "WdfCoinstaller01009.dll,WdfCoInstaller"

KmdfService = silabser, silabser_wdfsect
KmdfLibraryVersion = 1.9
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Please provide more information. For example there is likely a generic driver for that device offered by Microsoft, have you tried that driver, instead of trying to hack a driver that likely will cause system crashes? – Ramhound Jul 2 '12 at 12:35
Windows XP 32-bit drivers cannot be used on a 64-bit installation of Windows Vista and/or Windows 7. Please provide information about the device your trying to use. – Ramhound Jul 2 '12 at 15:33
You must provide a 64-bit Windows installation with a 64-bit driver dll. The inf simply tells what driver Windows should be using. So unless you have a 64-bit driver everything you try won't work. The driver does not have to be signed, you can disabled the security measure, but it MUST be 64-bit. – Ramhound Jul 2 '12 at 15:45
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You can simply replace 32 bit files with 64 bits. It works. My 32 bit setup files required an extra dll—WdfCoinstaller01009.dll—I just added the missing file now it works.

It's better to add separate 64 bit folder - x64:



What was my story: I needed to use a custom design card -from Windows XP 32 bit- on Windows 7 64 bit but I had no device driver. I've used Driver Backup utility and created the device driver installation files. However that pack contains 32 bit dlls. I found 64 bit version of these public dlls and modified the INF.

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Did the drive add any registry entries? Both the file-system and the registry have 32-bit and 64-bit specific locations, and putting stuff just any-old-place may not work correctly. Did you thoroughly test to make sure it works 100% and not just seems to work? – Synetech Jul 3 '12 at 15:41
Luckily no registry conflicts. – Nime Cloud Jul 5 '12 at 9:27

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