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It's hard to find dbus libraries for the programming languages I've been using though the idea looks neat. Sockets are the most supported way but it also eats one of my computers ports and then I also have to worry about security. I've also heard you can make a file a socket or pipe somehow and use that as an intermediary between languages but I'm not sure how. Could anyone provide any good tutorials on the subject or tutorials in your preferred language you've found useful. I have a running process in GNU scheme and I'm trying to figure out the best means of sending data to it from bash shell.

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I'd use sockets but read man fifo –  RedGrittyBrick Jul 2 '12 at 15:47

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I tend to use ports due to their universal nature. Yeah it chews up a port, but I've got 65,000 of them on every interface. There's got to be one that's free enough for your purposes, at least on localhost.

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