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What is the easiest way to find a network printer's IP address on a Mac? Since it is from a remote location, I can't print a configuration page. Under "Printer Setup" the URL listed is the network location (ie: //server/printer). However, that isn't as helpful as the static IP address. Anyone know how to view this on a Mac?

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If the URL is \\server\printer, try nslookup server (where server is the name from the URL) from a Terminal window.

Note, based on the URL style this printer doesn't have an IP of its own, rather it is hosted by a print server, and that print server has an IP. Since a print server can host multiple printers, you might need additional information beyond just the IP address (such as the printer name or printer queue) to actually send documents to it. This might be done for you if there's only one printer hosted, but that's implementation dependent.

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I have the print queue name. However, since the server is a Windows server, the naming convention is different (with spaces). nslookup doesn't seem to parse those... – Chris Harris Jul 2 '12 at 16:59
@ChrisHarris Try nbmlookup "server name" to see if samba is available on your machine. – Darth Android Jul 2 '12 at 17:11

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