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For some time I have been using the i3 tiling window manager in Ubuntu. However at my new company we use RHEL5. I would dearly love to port over all my configs but Im having some trouble...

An initial (naive) approach seems that a simple yum install i3 yields no results for i3.

I then used some additional rpm repos by following instructions to add the EPEL RPM Repositories but it seems i3 is only bundled for RHEL >= 6. Damn.

I'm fairly sure that this must be possible but I'm pretty new to the Redhat scene and am not sure how to approach this problem. Any pointers would be gratefully received!

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I haven't tried but assuming that you have all the prerequisite packages, you can try building it from source. On RHL5, install build tools: yum install @development-tools – Dejan Jul 6 '12 at 0:54
Thanks, in the end I remotely used i3 and my normal dev tools from an ubuntu instance using ssh and sshfs to access the RHEL box files – Peter Hamilton Jul 6 '12 at 4:42

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