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I'm just curious if (and if yes, how) it is possible to create a wireless ad-hoc network in a VMWare-virtualised Windows 7 and after that join with other Windows-7-based PCs?

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Assigning a wireless adaptor to the guest from networking settings wouldn't work since this will be virtualised as an ethernet card. This could work if you use a USB wireless adaptor, but then you should give exclusive access to the virtual machine. That means you cannot use the same adaptor in both the guest OS and the host. If the host is a laptop, say, it can be connected wirelessly using its internal wireless adaptor, while the guest will use the USB wireless adaptor and both will have wireless access to the same or different wireless network. If you need to connect the guest ot an ad hoc wireless network with other computers, then this makes sense. But if you want to connect the guest with the host, then you can do it directly using the relevant virtual adaptor and appropriate settings so that either excange data but guest has no internet access, or they exchange data and guest has internet access.

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