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What I want to get is something like, that:

enter image description here

the screenshot is from webpage. But I want to get this result on Word 2010, under absolutely aligned picture. Is that possible? If yes, how to get this result? thx in advance.

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Have you tried right clicking and selecting Insert Caption? Is this what you want?

Word 2010 Picture right click menuWord 2010 Picture with caption

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In those cases where the caption function doesn't give me enough options, I use a border-less table to place the picture and text the way I want. You can position and re-size the table as you need to work with your document.

Place the text in the cell below the image and adjust text properties as needed. For this example I left the borders on the table so you could see the cells.

enter image description here

Otherwise it looks like this with the borders removed.

enter image description here

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Using the options in the Insert Caption will allow you to create a borderless table. It will also link the two for you automatically. – wbeard52 Jul 3 '12 at 15:55

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