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Possible Duplicate:
Changing the Windows XP interface from French to English

A friend has purchased a netbook with a localized XP edition (Hebrew). Now he wants to have the English version of XP on it.

Is there a way to uninstall the language pack and go back to English or something like that?

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I would refer you to this question, it was from French to English, it's the same process :… – Gnoupi Oct 19 '09 at 13:07

You can't do it. You can only install OS language packs on a English system. It is so by design. So the only option would be to reinstall the OS.

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Depends what specific version, but I'm quite sure that the answer is "no" unless your friend has the professional edition (?).

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To remove:

Control Panel/Regional and Language options/Languages/Details/Remove

Don't forget to first add the english language pack and try it out, because my real impression is that you can't convert a Hebrew XP installation into English without reinstalling Windows. Meaning that the language pack will only allow you to type in English, while all the applications already installed will still use a Hebrew user interface.

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