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I've recently installed ArchLinux with Xfce4 and NetworkManager on an Eeepc 1005HA. NetworkManager is mostly fine - it auto-connects to ethernet and will auto-connect for wifi too if the connection is already set up.

My problem is that it requires a password every time I wish to edit or add connections. Also when selecting a network from the systray menu it doesn't ask for a network key, so I have to then go and edit it before it will work.

I have tried following https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/NetworkManager#Set_up_PolicyKit_Permissions but dbus-launch breaks my mouse and the .pkla file doesn't seem to do anything.

My user is already a member of wheel and network as well as a good few others, and network-manager-applet is installed.

Hope you can help!

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Turns out I had a typo in my .plka file, so I no longer need a password to edit/add/delete. I'm still not being asked for a wifi key when I select one though... –  darkblackcorner Jul 4 '12 at 8:03
Have you tried installing gnome-keyring? I believe it includes the dialog for inputting these network keys/passwords and such. –  dma1324 Mar 14 at 4:36
I have since changed to using wicd, and it works great :) –  darkblackcorner Mar 15 at 18:52
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