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I want to have two windows 7, One for daily use and another for doing experimental stuff on it so I can have a good working windows 7 always.

Let's name them A and B. I want to be able to boot into A and also able to boot into B from boot loader menu, and then when I'm in A I want to be able to run B in a VM and vice versa.

I just want both of them to be able to act as a host and guest os. What should I do ?

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I had a little different situation at one point. I had a MacPro with a 7 install on a separate HDD that I could boot into via bootcamp. Also used that same HDD as the image for a Parallels VM. While it technically "worked", Windows really didn't like it. Always required a logout when returning to one after booting from the other. YMMV of course with different hardware and virtualization software. Just sayin :) – JoshP Jul 3 '12 at 12:47

I know for sure that you can use physical disks (or partitions) and use it in VMWare Workstation: here the link to the documentation. So what you can do is to create your dual boot normally and then install VMWare Workstation (note: I don't know if others free products support physical driver but I think yes. Check Virtual Box documentation) on each partitions (or each disks).

You should be VERY careful because it's a very dangerous operation

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