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I just transformed my Windows into a Web Server via WAMP client and I installed the PHProxy script to make a HTTP proxy and access it from the internet. Now I can browse from any device thru my computer's IP with the help of PHProxy :)

Now I'm wondering: can any site detect if I am surfing from this site (it's like using my computer as a proxy)? I've tried many tests with online proxy checkers, they show me I'm not using a proxy. But actually I'm not browsing through a proxy, I'm browsing through a site that sends requests to my main home computer then sends them to the browser.

I appreciate any help!

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I don't know about that script, but it is certainly possible in the general case to make a proxy script appear like a browser. Can you tell us your use case, so people can give you more specific answers? For example, if you are wanting to stream from iPlayer from outside the UK, the answer may be just "try it" ;). –  halfer Jul 3 '12 at 18:27
Also, bear in mind some proxy scripts do add extra information that is available to web servers. The solution may be to set up your own web server and to try accessing it with and without the proxy, and see if there are environment differences. If you are using PHP, you'll want to compare the $_SERVER array. –  halfer Jul 3 '12 at 18:33
Oh Im sry I didnt showed a pic , heres the picture where it shows the PHPRoxy script on my home web server : tinypic –  Doris Sel Jul 3 '12 at 22:05
Oh Im sry I didnt showed a pic , heres the picture where it shows the PHPRoxy script on my home web server : tinypic And here's the tut I followed: Thanks alot! Tut My friend wants to access a very specialized site in detecting proxies ,from my PC which is in USA because that site is blocked in his country. And the site says if they catch someone with an account from a proxy Imediate ban occurs, so he can't try :( I want to know if its safe to use –  Doris Sel Jul 3 '12 at 22:13
I've added a proper answer. Side note: we're totally fine here with people whose first language is not English, but please be encouraged to write as clearly as you can. This isn't a chat room, so sorry tends to be preferred over sry, and tutorial over tut etc. Thanks! –  halfer Jul 3 '12 at 23:24
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I've not run this software before, but my solution is in the comments. Set up another website on your PC, using PHP/Apache, and run this in it (call it index.php and put it in a different virtual host):

    <?php print_r($_SERVER) ?>

Then try it in your browser, and try it from your proxy. If the output is the same, get your friend to sign up a new account (i.e. so as not to risk his own, more valuable account) and if that one survives, maybe he can use his own.

That all said, this comes with an moral warning attached - encourage your friend to behave ethically (and a definition of that depends on why the site is country-restricted in the first place). And don't forget that whatever he does with your PC is attached to your internet account, so encourage him to obey the laws in your jurisdiction as well (which may not be obvious if he is in a very different legal territory).

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