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So I have a laptop, a ThinkPad T500. With a couple of USB 2.0 ports, an UltraBay (DVD-RW slim drive), and an inner miniPciEx (as far as I know) connectors.

Now... I have a spare mSATA SSD lying around, but I can't just install it in the main bay (obviously). As I'm not familiar with mSATA, I'm asking you guys.

What is the cheapest way to connect the mSATA drive?
(I would need the drive for development.)

(Something like an external enclosure would really work, but I have yet to seen one like this.)

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The T500 doesn't support mSATA drives, so you won't be able to plug it into the internal mini-PCIe slots (like you would on more recent ThinkPads). Your best bet would probably be a mSATA-to-SATA adapter. These can be found on eBay, and look like they would fit into any standard 2.5" drive enclosure, with the right screwholes and everything.

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Okay, looks pretty simple and cheap. Thanks! – Shiki Jul 4 '12 at 0:10

You can buy USB 3.0 to mSATA SSD External enclosure to if your mSATA SSD

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I would put an eSata card into your Pci-e port. That gives you best performance. Here is an example:

enter image description here
2 Port SATA 6 Gbps ExpressCard eSATA Controller Card

More information on this particular example can be found on this website.

Then you may be able to go with an eSata external enclosure.

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