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My hard drive has 3 partitions, C:\ has the Windows, 2 other partitions contain the data. I can see only one of these two partitions. Normally I can not see the other partition but when I use Harddisk recovery programs I see that partition. I also see that there is data in that partition. Can anybody tell me how can I recover that partition without formatting the partition because the data inside that partition is really important for me. I use EASEUSE Partition Master Home Edition. But I was unable to recover my partition with this application. Is there any other better application to recover my partition? Thanks in advance.

![In the following link you can find the screenshot of the program I am using.][1]

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That seems to be a "hidden partition", quite common to some manufacturers laptops. In most cases, it contains stuff needed for recovery -- so in case your installation gets messed up, you can boot from some CD shipped with the laptop, start some "emergency system", and let it "recover/restore" your C: partition -- using the data on that hidden partition. I doubt you have any of your own data on it, it probably is nothing else but the said recovery partition.

If you insist on taking a look into it, you could use a Linux LiveCD (such as e.g. Knoppix). Those start a Live system without touching your own installations, and you can investigate your hard disk (amongst others; you can do a lot more with them, e.g. getting a taste of Linux).

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Thank you for the answer. Once I reinstalled my Windows. During Installation I divided the drive into 3 partitions and labeled two of them as Data1 and Data2. I am sure the data inside is my own data. With the program I mentioned I can browse my data but can not open it. The other partition was C:\. After installation I couldn't see the partition with label Data1. Somehow it got hidden. Both partitions are Primary though. – Ruhi Akaboy Jul 4 '12 at 21:35
If you are sure about that, and want to force it visible again, you might check with this forumthread at Ubuntu Forums. The steps described there require Linux (not especially Ubuntu) -- but I already told you about the LiveCDs to run without installing Linux to your machine. – Izzy Jul 4 '12 at 21:46
Thanks once again, I will try that too. – Ruhi Akaboy Jul 5 '12 at 11:34

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