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I am trying to make sense of the way google openid works to no avail for the moment. I have a google app for business with its own domain and an email there. I also have my personal gmail account.

When I log in into both accounts then try to authenticate on a random website with google's openid url I am asked to choose between my gmail and my domain email. whichever I choose, the auth succeeds (I was able to create 2 different accounts on stackoverflow, one for both emails). I would like to find an URL which "autoselects" the email which belongs to and ignores any other.

Reading up on the way google's authentication works ( , and ), I tried authenticating with then with this does redirect me to google's auth and only allows my email. however, after having successfully singed into google, I don't get authenticated on websites.

I tried with and with to no avail.Both failed, and the second one tells me :

OpenID authentication failed: No OpenID information found at

Any idea what I should do ? If possible, I would prefer not to have to setup a webserver on my domain.


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are you trying to setup an OpenID authentication system? – Sathya Jul 5 '12 at 5:59

Try giving your full email id, ie, if your company mail id is and use google business mail, then while authenticating you should give username as instead of just abc. This will work for gtalk too.

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I don't understand your answer: I don't "give" my email anywhere. I give my openid endpoint to the website I want to authenticate this will redirect me to a google page where I can choose between 2 different and complete emails. I would like to "craft" the openid endpoint url so that google automatically choose the email adress of a given domain. – Jean Jul 4 '12 at 13:15

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