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I've gotten hold of a D-Link DGS-3324SR that's going to replace my old dumb switch at home. Problem is that the seller can't remember the passwords, and D-Link give me the backdoor account without some kind of a reciept. Is there a way of resetting this thing without using the backdoor account, or a way to generate the backdoor password? D-Link said that it's a combo of the MAC and possible the name of the switch.

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This appears to be the user manual to the device-

According to the manual, if you can do a hard reset on the device (by pressing a physical reset button), it should restart with no username or password. pg 25

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Hey, thanks for the answer. There are no physical reset buttons on this device. I even checked inside for jumpers and whatnot. Where in the manual did you read this? (It's a beast) – alu Jul 6 '12 at 14:18
It talks about the username and password on pg 25 – Sepero Jul 6 '12 at 15:55

It is possible to reset this device, if you could manage to get it into a Stack as a slave device.

You need another D-Link DGS-3324SR with a higher Mac-Adresse or you have luck and the box priority is higher than your Commander Switch

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This is the procedure to reset admin password with physical access to the switch.
Link to manual page 327

Complete these steps to reset the password:

  1. For security reasons, the Password Recovery feature requires the user to physically access the device. Therefore this feature is only applicable when there is a direct connection to the console port of the device. It is necessary for the user needs to attach a terminal or PC with terminal emulation to the console port of the switch.
  2. Power on the Switch. After the UART init is loaded to 100%, the Switch will allow 2 seconds for the user to press the hotkey [^] (Shift + 6) to enter the "Password Recovery Mode". Once the Switch enters the "Password Recovery Mode," all ports on the Switch will be disabled.
Boot Procedure  V1.00.009

  Power On Self Test ........................................ 100% 
  MAC Address  
  : 00-19-5B-EC-32-15  
  H/W Version  
  : A1  
  Please Wait, Loading V1.01.012 Runtime Image .............. 100%   
  UART init ................................................. 100%  
  Password Recovery Mode  

In the "Password Recovery Mode" only the following commands can be used.

enter image description here

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