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I see tweets, for instance, with special characters in them, that will not display correctly on this system. Here is an example. For numerous of these characters, I see boxes with four characters in them.

彡☆♥彡GƠ Ɗ † βԼƐ໓໓ † ᗩறﻉᖇᓮCᗩ彡♥☆彡

I am using Windows XP on this system. I've seen other Windows XP systems that do display them. I don't see my answer coming up in Web searches, etc.

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Install more fonts. Put the codepoint into Google and find fonts that provide them.

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Thanks and I eventually found this helping too (one or both of them, both are recommended): The 彡 I discovered from a search is an symbol for hair in oriental family of languages. – Arlen Jul 4 '12 at 17:00

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