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I just switched from BASH to ZSH and thing are pretty good, but:

when I start typing cd /usr/share/s and hit TAB, this is what I get:

$ cd /usr/share/sane/
sane/                   skype/                  ssl-cert/             
screen/                 smplayer/               strigi/               
seed-gtk3/              snmp/                   synaptic/             
sgml/                   software-properties/    system-config-printer/
sgml-base/              soprano/                sysv-rc/              
sgml-data/              sounds/                                       
simple-scan/            splashy/                                      

And this is ok. If I then hit TAB again, I get $ cd /usr/share/screen/, the next candidate, which is also OK. (BTW, how do I cycle back to the previous candidate? Sorry, on to my question)

Now what if I want to see the contents of /usr/share/screen/ now? You know, BASH-style, TAB TAB? The cursor is at the end of the line, will I have to ctrl-a (or home), then del del (to erase cd) then ls then ENTER? That seems like a lot of typing. And it - possibly unnecessarily - enters the command in the history.

Would not there be a key (maybe modifier-TAB? but the obvious candidates are already taken by the desktop... I digress) that would tell zsh to stop cycling through /usr/share/ and instead, just list the content /usr/share/screen/?

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OK, I get it now. I have to hit enter when /usr/share/screen/ is "selected" ; I guess it took me so long to understand because this is so far from BASH's behavior.

BTW, thank you for all your answers, people ;)

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Wow, i've been using Zsh for a long time and wasn't quite sure how to do this :) – ggustafsson Dec 12 '12 at 13:27

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