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I recently tried to use this walkthrough guide How to Move your Windows User Profile to another Drive. Only after realizing that this would not work did I find that that my system restore point was not set correctly.

I am now getting this profile message when I try to login my main profile: the user profile service failed to login.

I have tried the suggestions from KB 947215 Without any luck short of creating a new profile again. (I recently had to wipe my computer due to a virus).

Does anyone have any new information that might be helpful?

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I'm assuming you are using windows 7, and are you saying that you are unable to get in at all though any user account? What is the question exactly? –  imtheman Jul 5 '12 at 6:19

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Given the length of the guide, you probably have done something wrong.

I have done such things in the past and it worked; so, it seems you have broken something.

There is no other solution than to start over with a new user profile...

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