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Somehow I ended up with four keyboards installed (English (United States), Japanese (Japan), Kannada, and Hindi. They are installed in the sense that the tray drop down displays these four, and when I Alt-Shift through my keyboards it cycles through them. The mysterious thing is that in the Languages Control Panel, only the first two are shown, so I am stuck as to how to remove the last two.

In the past, I may have installed and removed the Kannada and Hindi keyboards. What I did recently was to install the English (India) keyboard, as a way to get the ability to input the rupee symbol with Alt-Ctrl-4. That English (India) keyboard did show up in the Languages Control Panel and allow itself to be removed. It almost seems like installing that keyboard somehow activate hidden registry settings left over from back when I had Kannada and Hindi installed.

In any case, any ideas about how to remove these keyboards which don't appear in the Language Control Panel?

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This problem was solved by uninstalling "Microsoft Indic Language Input Tool for Kannada" and "Microsoft Indic Language Input Tool for Hindi" via the Control Panel/Add and Remove Programs, then rebooting. – torazaburo Jul 6 '12 at 4:26

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