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My Dell keyboard has media keys for play, pause, stop, mute etc. They work in iTunes, but only if iTunes has window focus.

How do I make them work regardless of the window currently in focus?

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Googling leads me to mmKeys.dll. I haven't tried this myself.

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you do not have to install anything. simply just go "Edit>Preferences>Then click the check box that says "Enable full keyboard navigation""

you are done. you can control iTunes now with your keyboard even if it is not the active window

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This worked on my new Dell short/laptop-style keyboard! – Ed Brannin Jan 31 '11 at 21:37
Correction: it works when iTunes is in the foreground, but not when other applications have focus. – Ed Brannin Jan 31 '11 at 22:03

You could try downloading iTunesKeys and seeing if it lets you set them to control the functions. It may or may not depending on how they work.

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I personally use iTunes Media Keys, it works great. I tired iTunes Keys and it didn't work. I'm using a Dell SK-8135 keyboard.

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