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I am very conversant with pivot analysis but I do not want to use it for this for my table.

I want to be able to make calculations between a date range. For instance, sales of a particular product from 1st of April to 22nd of June.

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It would defeat the purpose of an open question and answer forum to email an answer to you...

Two choices:

You need to set up an area of your sheet to construct your query parameters and then use DSUM to sum your data based on those. see:

OR use SUMIFS function with a series of conditions which must all be logically AND (which should suit you to do product="X", date>1st April, date<22nd June etc)

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You can use SUMPRODUCT() for this, the ff. formula in particular:


If you don't want to take the product name into consideration, just remove its corresponding parameter, like so:


dates refers to the range that contains your dates (Column A in my example below)
products refers to the range that contains product names (Column B in my example below)
prices refers to the range that you'd like to sum up (Column C in my example below)


Suppose I have the ff. table:

enter image description here

To get the sum of the prices for Product C starting from 6/20/2012 to 7/3/2012, use the following formula:

            --(products="Product C"),prices)

You could also use helper cells to contain the "criteria" for your sum, like the ff:

enter image description here

The yellow cell above contains the formula:

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