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On my Linux system I use prefix (redefined as Ctrl+a for me) that Ctrl+arrow to move the divider line but this isn't working on my new Mac. Any idea how I can move the divider lines?

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When I disable Ctrl-Left/Ctrl-Right as Mission Control shortcuts, they aren't recognized by iTerm at all. In Terminal, I have a keyboard shortcut that uses them to send "\033[5d" and "\033[5C", respectively; I don't recall if that is a default or if I added it myself. In any case, what appears on the command line of your Linux box if you type Ctrl-V Ctrl-Left? – chepner Jul 5 '12 at 14:47
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Depending on your terminal, ctrl-arrow may not be sending a recognized character sequence to tmux. Since it works on Linux, determine what sequence your terminal generates for ctrl-arrow, then configure your Mac terminal do send the same.

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Alt-arrow is also moving the divider line. – user2987828 Dec 2 '13 at 9:48


tmux bind-key k resize-pane -U

to remap k to Ctrl+.

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