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I have a rails project run on the thin server(1.3.1) on a Ubuntu server. I connect with SSH to the server and start thin with command thin start -C config/thin.yml, following the thin.yml:

port: 3000
log: log/thin.log
timeout: 30
chdir: /home/byht/56platform/dev/tracker
environment: production
servers: 1
daemonize: true

After thin starts successfully, I visit the project and it works well. Then, I close the terminal, I can also visit the pages that have been visited, but when I visit the pages that not been visited before closing ssh terminal, a "500" error appears on the page. I didn't find the error messages in the log file.

I have tried start thin with nohup and sudo, but they are useless.

I sign in the Ubuntu server locally, then the problem disappears. But I need sign in the server to stat thin with ssh when I'm home.

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Daemonize the thin instance with the -d option. – karatedog Jul 6 '12 at 12:33
"daemonize: true" is the same as "-d" – Keating Wang Jul 6 '12 at 14:32

If you want a program to keep running after closing the terminal, than you can try screen to run a kind of virtual terminal that keeps active on the server, and can be used from another location at another time


will enter this terminal. Ctrl+a then d will detach it and

screen -r

will enable you to re-use it, with your program still running.

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