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I recently set up Dovecot/postfix-mysql on my Debian Squeeze Server and I have a bit of a problem. When ever I send a email to an alias ( forwarded to for example) Postfix (or Dovecot, I'm not quite sure) puts this email into a Mailbox rather than forwarding it to the real Mail-Adress. I have tested all the MySQL queries and they all behave the way I intend them to do.

foobar dovecot: deliver( msgid=<000001385b464c9a-e40af11e-3bf4-49f6-903d-1d2369f6bfb6-000000@barfoo: saved mail to INBOX

Keep in mind that normal E-Mail sending and receiving works just fine! I have set up my MySQL Tables with Postfixadmin.

Thanks for your help!

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